Catch Fish and Cash Checks 

Nick Carter

I fish mostly all the lakes in south 

Carolina, my favorite is lake Green wood. I have

 2nd place finishes and 3rd place finishes in 

Tournaments i have fished. I have won a couple of 

fishing rods and 4 reels and have also won some 

money from these Tournaments. My biggest bass was


11.5 pounds. I am happy to be representing VCL Baits for the 2014 season.

Bio my name is George Stanford I'm 13 years old and I started fishing at about four years old caught my first bass at 5 years old weighed in at 4.2 pounds. I kept fishing and now my biggest bass I've caught Is 10.4 pounds I caught both out of small ponds but I also fish small and large lakes and ponds I fish carp tournaments and am starting bass tournaments.