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Six first-place finish five second-place finish three third-place finish third place overall for the season in the Mohock Sportsmens club 2013 club champions to top 20 finishes X series One top 15 finish X series top 15 finish central basin bass masters I am also on the 2K crew for Kustom Kicker jigs I am also on the pro staff for RE custom fishing tackle I will also be posting videos to YouTube and Facebook thanks to the purchase of my new go Pro camera. I am looking forward to working with VCL Baits for the 2015 season.  

Max McQuaide

My name is Max McQuaide and I had a successful season last year with VCL Baits and am very much looking forward to representing them again in 2015. It is important to me to represent products that I truly believe in and that is exactly I have with VCL. Tournament Trails for 2015 - Mass Bass Nation High School Trail - Mass Bass Buddies - Merrimack Valley Bass Anglers - 2015 B.A.S.S. Nation Eastern Divisional - Bassmaster High School National Championship Major Accomplishments - 2x Mass Bass Nation High School State Champion - 2x Mass Bass Federation High School State Champion - 1x NH Bass Nation High School State Champion - 1x NH state team member - 2x MA state team member - 2x National Championship qualifier Sponser - VCL baits - Outkast Tackle - Biovex lures - Dark Side Reelz - Ardent Reels - Denali Rods - Solar Bat Sunglasses - Power Pole

My name is Ryan Richardson and I have been tournament bass fishing for two years now, and have been fortunate enough to have success early in my career.

Tournament Accomplishments 1.) 2016 TBF MA high school state champion 2.) 3 club wins for the Merrimack Valley Bass Anglers 3.) 2016 Bassmaster High School national championship qualifier 4.) 2016 TBF High School regional qualifier 5.) 8 top career top 3's 6.) Currently hold the record for largest 5 fish limit ever weighed in a MA high school event .

Evan Allison (born October 6, 1988) has been fishing for 20 years and just recently started participating in tournaments. He has only placed 1st in a couple of them but it's only the beginning. He is looking forward to the 2017 Hawg Wild Trail where he will be putting his fishing experience to work. In the mean time, he will participate in local tournaments and fish at his favorite spots to become a better angler.

On a day where he decides to go fishing... which is almost everyday, he never leaves the house without a pair of polarized sun glasses, sweet tea, his go pro, a hat, and a cooler. If he's not fishing a tournament, he heads out to his home lake, Clear Lake. Evan knows it like the back of his hand. He loves his fresh water holes but on occasions does he fish salt water.

Evan's favorite bait to use is the VCL Craw with scented pads. Great for catching bass which by the way, is what he enjoys reeling in. Check out VCL Craws and other fully customizable soft baits at Fishing brings him serenity, peace of mind and relaxation. And besides all that, he's good at it.

If he could give only one piece of advice to a new angler who wanted to start fishing tournaments professionally, Evan would tell you to have a great attitude, don't ever give up, stay positive and always smile. Sounds like he's on the right track.

Don't forget to check out his Facebook page, SlayTeam Fishing. It's just a sneak peek of what he's got in store for the future. Remember the name... Evan Allison, SlayTeam Fishing and VCLbaits...It's going to be huge.